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“We  believe our prime purpose in life is to help others. make our world more colourful and to share our experiences. Art is more joyful if it shared with others”.

Most of the time we are painting, thinking about colourful ideas or just enjoy life.

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Then I would like to tell you more about me and my anecdotes in a personal conversation.


ART can be everything – Our vision make our world more colourful!

iOnArt A creative helpful community  · a Creators Network, collaboration and supporting platform of a global community of artists. Our love for artsport and music is what motivates us, what drives our actions and how we plan to continue our story of success. 

“We want to share our passion for art, sports and music and support young talents. One of our basic ideas of corporate philosophy is to create a “mosaic” of creative people, to connect artists to help each other and to combine different kind of art elements“, says Philipp Netolitzky, founder of iOnArt.

We started as an independent streetwear label and became a multi -platform for creative artists, who love to enrich life with art, sports and music. Founded in 2010 in Vienna, iOnArt established their own lifestyle brand and specialized in creating street art, clothing and more.