Highlighting unique architectural

perks of Vienna with international Street Art

The historical viaduct arches of Vienna, remnants of the traffic infrastructure around 1900, contribute to an imposing cityscape and mostly have found a new purpose nowadays.

While most of the city’s arches host restaurants or bars, we decided to reinvent the arch through art.


is supposed to be an open platform for everyone to share, experience and express art and creativity. If you are looking for a unique location for your event, pop up store, performance, music show or exhibition, KUNSTBOGEN is for you.

Over the past year, the KUNSTBOGEN Art Wall became an open space for established artists to share their works and express their creativity. For example, IOnArt Agency cooperated with Vienna Murals and initiated an art wall with MEHSOS from Belgium.

  • Gallery for Art, Culture and Communication.
  • Plattform and possibility for exposing your creativity.
  • Charismatic and unique place for your event, fashion show, exhibition, Live Music event or  Pop Up Store

located in an easily accessible part of the city, right under the U6 station Gumpendorfer straße .


Measures: 180 m²



There are still a few dates open and  available, so if you are interested please contact us as soon as possible.

Untergrundbahn Bogen 6 | A-1060 WIEN


+43 660 9229790