„Öffis nützen,- Klima schützen“

A white wall is her playground.
A train every five minutes.
And 2.6 million passengers daily.
Draw, paint and create. That’s Anja Grohmann`s motto and pasion. Murals and letterings are her specialty, preferably in combination. We got the oppertunity to refresh a railway line. „Öffis nützen,- Klima schützen“
Thank you Wienerlinien and STRABAG for your helping hand.

Anja Grohmann got the oppertunity to create a mural and design for the „Greener Linien“ project. With this artistic example and design, iOnArt was able to test the conditions under which such a project is possible. Ionart had the good fortune to get illustrator Anja Grohmann to work on this innovative project. With illustrator  Anja Grohmann, we had luck and a good choice. It wasn’t easy, it was hard work. Jose Augusto Ramirez was also on hand and was a great addition to the team. Big Up!

Anaja Grohmann & Philipp Netolitzky / Photo: Michael Fasching

The weather conditions (Storms and rainy days), working during the night, little sleep, an active metro system, and an artist with a ‘healthy respect for heights’ made it a bit sketchy, but Anja rose to the challenge. During the process of creating, we had to overcome some challenges, such as learning how to deal with special conditions in a metro system. More in our Video below. Enjoy!

Additionally, it is very important to Anja to actively support the IllustrationLadies (a creative network for professional female illustrators). In 2018 IllustrationLadies (Vienna) was founded by Florine Glueck and Janina Kepczynski. Since fall 2020 illustrator Andrea Kutz and Anja have been working together to build up the illustrator community of Graz.