Artists we’ve worked with

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  • Andreas Fränzl
    Andreas Fränzl Vienna, Austria

    Andi Fränzl, is mainly known as leadsinger of vocal groove project Bauchklang (BAUCHKLANG), Dj and curator at St.Pölten art scene – and art community LAMES (LAMES) and Festspielhaus St.Pölten (Café Publik) and more. Fraenzl studied graphic design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and has been working in the art scene for many years. He designed numerous flyers, posters and record covers. He also created special illustrations, paintings and drawings as well as personal notes and sketches.

  • ANIS
    ANIS Chile, Abusa Crew

    Anis is born 1988 in Santiago. She is an artist and illustrator based in Valparaiso. iOnArt invited her to Vienna to fight together against FGM. She is known for her colourful women with big eyes. Her comic style pieces are in connection with canvas, murals, Graffiti and urban art.


  • Anthony Lister
    Anthony Lister Brisbane, Australia

    Anthony Lister is a pioneer of street art movement Australia. In his opinion, he is a freedom fighter aka time traveller. Lister began painting on the streets at the age of 17 and never stoped. He studied at the Queensland College of Art. His scrawling, figurative style employs charcoal, acrylic, spray paint, and oil. He has also collaborated with many well-known artists and personalities including Blek le Rat, Space Invader, Mark “Chopper” Reid, Nick Cave and many more. Noted as one of the top 50 most collectable Australian artists, Lister’s work for example are included in the collections of National Gallery of Australia. The first rule of painting is to take everyone else out of the equation, he has said. “I am the viewer, so I don`t underestimate my viewers. They see everything and I just have to assume that they are me. I can`t paint for anyone else.”


  • Bauchklang – Vocal Groove Project 
    Bauchklang – Vocal Groove Project  Austria

    BAUCHKLANG (literally “belly sound”) is a five-piece “vocal groove collective” from Austria. With a unique mixture of human beatboxing, mouthpercussions and vocal sounds, they are covering a musical landscape stretching from Electro over Minimal, to Dub and Hip Hop, using only their voices on the way.  Formed in 1995, Bauchklang released their debut album “Jamzero” in 2001. Not only the support from the Austrians (Bauchklang won 2 Amadeus Awards for “Best Album” and the “FM4 Award” in 2002) this album also brought them to the renowned international Festival “Transmusicales de Rennes” in France.  READ MORE:


  • Boicut
    Boicut Vienna

    from Austria, lives and works in Vienna. He has big influences and has been inspired by skateboard graphics and popular culture. His work is intuitive and illustrative. Boicut passion combines impulsive lines and shapes.


  • Chris Noelle aka TOFA Linz, Austria

    A creator whose interdisciplinary talent easily breaks with the common rules of a single jobdescription – his story is quiet outstanding from others and reads itself more like a myth: from a former bike-pro career in the 90s,- Chris Noelle merged all his knowledge into media related art, today working under the moniker TOFA. A complex artistic way of life. Chris has teached filmediting and crossmedia-design at different Universities, showcased his work at TedEx, Ars Electronica and appeard in magazines like Vogue, Fastcompany, IdN, Art Magazin, Men´s Health, Page and StreetwearToday and companies such as Diesel, Lacoste, Red Bull, Microsoft, Sony, Carhartt, Carlsberg, Warsteiner and Converse have booked his creativity for exhibitions and campaigns. Chris also spreads his knowledge by lightpainting workshops and tutorial series and he is Austrias embassador of the Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA).

  • Cix aka Antonio Triana
    Cix aka Antonio Triana Mugre Crew, Mexico

  • DJ Maseo De la Soul
    DJ Maseo De la Soul Brooklyn – NY – USA

    Producer / DJ / part-time MC Vincent Mason a.k.a Maseo a.k.a Plug 3 from Brooklyn, NY and is a HipHop legend of De La Soul. Therefore, he was a founding member of HipHop history.

    They helped numerous other important acts in HipHop as they introduced to the world Mos Def, a Tribe Called Quest and were the first major act to work with deceased hiphop icon J-Dilla on a major single.

  • Dru Blair
    Dru Blair USA

    Dru Blair grew up in Columbia, S.C. He is photorealist airbrush artist and instructor. While his works are mostly, shirt-, high technology helicopter and airplane paintings, he has also been selected to portray many Star Trek novel covers, as well as such diverse subjects as the well known Budweiser Bullfrogs, and dozens of magazine covers. In 1988 he won the National Airbrush Excellence Award.

    View complete biography



  • DXTR
    DXTR The Weird Crew, Berlin (GER)

    DXTR started painting graffiti in ’99 and is an artist and freelance illustrator, currently living in Berlin/Germany. He worked with clients such as Amnesty International, Art Directors Club, Nike, Wired Magazine and Patagonia among many others and exhibited in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, New York, Washington, Detroit, Boston, Vienna, Rome and Shanghai. In September 2011 he founded the art collective THE WEIRD together with his friends, a group of 10 urban artists spread over Europe and focussing on large scale muralism.

  • El Lasso
    El Lasso Vienna, Austria

    Doodling and drawing has always been a passion of mine. Even today I recognize every page of my old school books based on my drawings around texts and images, including those pages where my my mind just wandered somerwhere else.During a trip to Germany at the age of twelve I became aware of graffiti. I started to invest my money in spray cans. Then I redesigned the garage of my parents as well as other sorts of things. Years later I painted a lot on the legal walls in Vienna. That’s when I met other painters and became a member of the Graffiticrew !Bande!, followed by exhibitions and graffiti assignments. In addition to graffiti, I also made a name for myself in art actions in street art in Vienna. Because of my carpentry apprenticeship I was able to combine a lot in terms of craftsmanship and art. My pictures are shaped by all kinds of situations and thoughts in my life. I try to use my pictures to handle things that concern myself. Refering to nature is important to me personally and also in my work. In addition, I spend a lot of time with sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing and surfing). In sports you can experience a lot, which is also reflected in my work.

  • Farbenkind
    Farbenkind Vienna, Austria


    Currently I am studying graphic design and advertising and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Moreover I also do freelance work as an illustrator and graphic designer.

    I am passionate about creating, old & weird things , fleamarkets, plants and coffee. My love for drawing and creative work has always been there “ I am basically drawing since I can remember. Dedicating my life to creativity and art was probably the best decision I`ve ever made, even if I am not sure where this will lead me. But I know that drawing and painting is what I really enjoy right now, where I can express myself or just create some random funny stuff.

  • Fefe Talavera
    Fefe Talavera Brazilian, São Paulo/ Mexican

    Born in 1979 Fefe was brought up as a native half Mexican, half Brazilian in São Paulo.

    Interested in all kind of underground movements, the typical and unique stylistic freedom of the internationally renowned Street Art and Graffiti scene of her hometown made an important impression on the artist. Fefe Talavera`s monster paintings are metaphors for strong and subconscious human emotions like anger, fear, dreams or desire. Inspired by the darkness and the light innate in the dualistic world we inhabit, the colourful fantastic beasts which she connects with the dark side of her inner self stand for the artist`s cultural roots as well as the primary and powerful energy of her work in the streets all over the world and the light she finds in the darkness. Fefe, who is influenced by Mayan or Aztec mythologies and her Mexican heritage, is most well known for her monsters made of cut out letters from concert announcement posters found all around the streets. The glued collage like figures are related to the artist`s admiration for typography, books and prints, but also to her will to somehow free the letters from their fixed meaning as words, sentences or texts, by showing their formal qualities as well as by reminding us that all kind of language is rooted in the direct expression of human affects, not in the function to command them.

  • Frau Isa
    Frau Isa Vienna, Austria

    Frau Isa is working as an artist and illustrator in Vienna, Austria. She loves to paint in many different ways like oil, acrylics, digital-media or graffiti to create canvases, walls and other things into fairy-tales… Her works have a nostalgia touch and are influenced by her life . She is a tough and an optimistic woman and masters her life with her husband Oliver. Beside they have together a small company called WaldundSchwert  for  illustration and graphic design.


  • HNRX
    HNRX Innsbruck, Austria





  • HRVB
    HRVB The Weird Crew- Berlin, Germany

    I’m a freelance illustrator and graffiti artist located in Berlin. I’ve worked professionally since 2009 for several multifaceted projects, and my focus is on character design. These have earned her recognition including selection for ‘Best of British Illustration’, exhibition in London’s Saatchi Gallery and a client list spanning fashion, consumer and media brands.

  • Janinski
    Janinski Vienna, Austria

    Janinski is an illustrator and designer based in Vienna. Her illustrations are playful and cartoony, mostly a mix of analog and digital drawing. Beside designing all kind of illustration related printed matters, such as packaging design or posters she also does window and wall paintings for shops and performative visuals at events (live drawing).


    Kleine große Helden – Gemeinsam helfen durch Teilen

    Jetzt Video teilen und 50 Cent spenden! Schau dir an, was sieben starke Kids über Mut, Helden & Hoffnung zu sagen haben:

    Posted by BILLA on Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017

    "A Tribe Called Mud"Live drawing mit Huku und Kuenes für EARLY BIRDS im MQ, 2015.

    Posted by Janinski on Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2018

  • Jelena Fleck
    Jelena Fleck Vienna, Austria/ Serbian

    Jelena Fleck is a serbian artist, educated in Italy and now based in Vienna. Her colorful and very detailed motifs can be found on walls  as graffitis or as artworks on canvas or even shoes. Unique and handpainted items from Vienna, wearable art, that can also be customized.

  • Jerson Jiménez 
    Jerson Jiménez  Vienna, Austria

    born in 1970 in the Dominican Republica. First exhibition in 1987 in the Dominican Republica. First trip to Europe in 1991 resident in Vienna. Since 1998 teaching as adjunct professor for sports at the University of Vienna.

    Member of the Austrian aggregation of interests for fine arts (IG Bildende Kunst Österreich).

    Jerson Jiménez

    Having good times with Jerson Jimenez.Music © ® 2017 by Artefix Music Publishing AgencySong LIFE Composed & Written and by Bakabri © 2017http://www.fantefante.com #Streetart #commission #iOnArt

    Posted by IOnArt on Freitag, 22. Dezember 2017


  • Katharina Löffelmann
    Katharina Löffelmann City Crime- Vienna, Austria

    I’m basically addicted to making things look nice. Digital, analog, small or large-scale, I love finding shapes and styles that communicate in the right way.
    Also I love painting walls with big letters.
    PS: Unfuck the world

  • Loomit Munich, Germany

    Graffiti crossed his life by the age of 14, meaning fun in the first place, but later on an obsession in painting. Big wall productions became the ultimative media in combining „style“, meaning lettering, with things that are all around him.

  • Manfred Baumann
    Manfred Baumann Vienna

    Over the past few years, Viennese photographer Manfred Baumann has become one of the most influential photographers of his time. His passion for photography began as a child at the age of 10 when his grandfather gave him his first camera – a PRAKTIKA.

  • Manuel Murel
    Manuel Murel Vienna, Austria

    Manuel Murel is an artist who grew up in France and is know living and working in Vienna. He found his first influence in street art and Graffiti. Whit his miscellaneous Works the artist try to reinvent oneself constantly. This is also the message in many of his works: To escape from the everyday routine. Manuel Murel is also working as a performance artist. Inspired by Magicians and clowns he uses paint or the light painting technique to amaze the audience. He has been studying at the academy of fine arts Vienna since 2014.

  • Martin Krammer Vienna

    Illustrator and graphic-designer in vienna with pecific interests in wimmelbooks, Archaeology, traveling, labyrinths and ornaments.

    more about Martin Krammer

  • Martin Krusche
    Martin Krusche Berlin, Germany

    Hello, I’m Martin Krusche and an illustrator and artist


  • Martin Tardy
    Martin Tardy Vienna, Austria

    Martin Tardy was born 1992 in Vienna/Austria as the son of a French mother and an Austrian father. Due to the separation of his parents, he grew up living partially in Marseille / France, in Vienna / Austria and with 11 years even for one year in Abuja / Nigeria, where his french grandfather lives and works as an independent architect. He started drawing passionately with the age of 3 and never stopped ever since. Drawing became an essential part of his daily life and throughout the years he developed more and more his skills and therefore his personal style! Martin has to be considered as self-taught, which includes the intensive study of all kinds of anatomic books in order to get a better understanding of the structure of the human body, as well as several books about drawing techniques used for art. Since about 10 years he is very much attached to make drawings based on just one line. What started only as a sketching technique, turned slowly but surely into his personal style and therefore his appearance in the art scene! He gained high popularity on Instagram, where one of his videos went viral with about
    10 million views, showing him drawing with both hands asynchronously!

  • Mehsos
    Mehsos Belgium

    Mehsos is a Belgian based street artist with deep roots in the graffiti scene. A few years ago, he started his search for new ways to expressing himself with Spraycans and started what he calls an „evolution of style“: he paints faces consisting of emotions.

    However, Mehsos does not paint the face for what it is. His goal is to send only the emotions to the recipients. The face is the medium to convey it. Mehsos therefore often uses human and animal faces as models and then draws from them.

    He paints his portraits all over the world. During his last big tour through Europe he also stopped in Vienna.



  • Miss Led
    Miss Led London

    Miss Led aka Joanna Henly is an artist and illustrator based in East London. She is known for obsessively detailed and lushly rendered pieces across a wide range of media and scale including paper, canvas, murals, installation and digital.

    These have earned her recognition including selection for ‘Best of British Illustration’, exhibition in London’s Saatchi Gallery and a client list spanning fashion, consumer and media brands.

    MOITZ Vienna, Austria

    The young Viennese artist Moiz studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. For about two years he has been working with calligraphy and typography. His minimalist style is characterized by forms and the frequent use of black and white. His calligraphic lines are freely interpretable and have no closer meaning. They spring up from his pure imagination.


    NONO SURVIVES Vienna, Austria

    nono was born as an act of critical examination and resistance. He is wearing the mask many artists seek to express their inner struggle. Their darkest opinions. Their most critical attitude. But he has found a way to gather all those intimidating thoughts to create what others call art… without thinking too much about style and technique. Based in vienna he’s currently working on murals, illustrations, drawings, paintings and prints hoping to inspire people on his inevitable journey.

    NYCHOS Vienna, Austria

    Nychos is an illustrator, Urban Art- and Graffiti artist who became known with his street concept RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT (REM) 10 years ago. The icon of the movement is a white rabbit, which has been breeding since then and has been popping up in the streets all over the globe for the past decade. This is exactly what Nychos thrives for – he travels the world to spread his art and his REM concept.

  • Obed Osorio
    Obed Osorio El Salavador

    The visual artist from Santa Ana, El Salvador, studied at the Centro Nacional de Artes. About five years ago, he started with graffiti and then started focusing more and more on street art and painting. He ran through a rapid development, works very fast and provides impressive photorealistic murals. His portraits represent the essence of the human soul, the dialogue of the moment and the ability to visualize life without limits. His murals arise from the Diaspora of the inner self.

    In 2017 Obed Osorio came to Europe for the first time. At the invitation of the Madre Tierra Amor Festival he exhibited in Mitterbach at Erlaufsee in Lower Austria and painted the facade of the community center. In Vienna he painted at the KunstBOGEN on Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel and then traveled to another project in Poland.



    PÉSIMO Lima. Peru

    He is painting together with Entes since 2000. Togehter they are a part of DMJC CREW.  His colourful paintings are influenced by the social, cultural and political environment that surrounds him and reflect his perspective of social and racial discrimination of minority groups inside the city of Lima.

  • Rob Perez aka Deadbeathero
    Rob Perez aka Deadbeathero Texas (USA), Vienna (AT)

    Rob Perez is an American artist from Texas currently living in Vienna Austria. He is best known for his illustrated characters called Sweatermen and has had many international art exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. He is also known for his cartooning and mural workshops in collaboration with The Creative Fillip ( and the American International School ( and as the founder of ARTSLAM! the international live art event.

  • Salzstein
    Salzstein Vienna, Austria




    We´re excited to share our Hochkönig Illustration with you! Enjoy watching :)Janin & Theresia

    Posted by SALZSTEIN on Samstag, 30. September 2017

    Lis – Fairy Godmother of Vallanes

    "Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can."Throwback to a project we did in Iceland on an organic farm near Egilsstadir. We only had really old, shitty colours, one (1) brush and one (1) old marker. But you don't need much to brighten up the dark workspace of friends.

    Posted by SALZSTEIN on Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

  • Shiatsu Ki – YN ART
    Shiatsu Ki – YN ART Vienna, Austria

    Miss Led aka Joanna Henly is an artist and illustrator based in East London. She is known for obsessively detailed and lushly rendered pieces across a wide range of media and scale including paper, canvas, murals, installation and digital.

    These have earned her recognition including selection for ‘Best of British Illustration’, exhibition in London’s Saatchi Gallery and a client list spanning fashion, consumer and media brands.

    SKIRL Vienna, Austria


  • Stohead
    Stohead Berlin

    STOHEAD (Christoph Haessler) / 1973 / Germany, lives and works in Berlin. Through his years evolving as an artist, Christoph has gone through several stages of development in styles.
    Starting as so many of his kind with graffiti he naturally became accustomed to lettering and calligraphy.

  • Tin Eller
    Tin Eller Vienna, Austria

    a part time freelance graphic designer, illustration artist and hand-lettering artist from Vienna, Austria. I’m a pencil and marker lover with a weakness for black brush pens, beautiful paper and retro looking drawing materials. I’m an animal lover, cactus worshiper, a vegetarian, a coffee addict and a record enthusiast.

    I am super passionate about letterings, calligraphy and illustrations and I try to combine all of it them whenever possible. I love minimalistic line graphics and I do a lot of floral designs – I mean A LOT, simply because it makes me happy. My favorite flower is the daisy btw, so you’ll find it a lot in my works.

    When I’m not working as a freelancer, I work as a screen designer and graphic designer at Ben Pazdernik. He’s the greatest – as a person as well as a webcoder/designer. He just knows his work. Both of my websites are put up by him and my colleagues.

    I’ve been drawing since … well, forever might sound a bit cheesy right? But honestly – ever since I can remember I expressed myself through it. Music and lyrics have always been a big part of my inspiration and expression in art. That’s even the trigger nowadays most of the time of me starting a new passion project.

    Thank you so much for being part of this and for your support. If you have any further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to write me a mail.

    Blowing Kisses and sending virtual hugs,


  • Tinygraphy
    Tinygraphy Vienna, Austria
    illustration and printmaking studio in vienna

  • Viktoria Strehn
    Viktoria Strehn Vienna, Austria

    Viktoria Strehn is an Austrian illustrator and comic artist.
    Her main focus in on character design and storytelling, always with a sense of humor. Her comics were published in several comic magazines and she illustrates for clients, art exhibitions and sells her work at markets. If you want to get to know her better, you can visit her webcomic-blog about her life with her pug dog Egon:


  • Vunik
    Vunik Belgrad, Serbia.

    The young talent artist Vunik was born in 1993 in Belgrad, Serbia. He now lives in Vienna, where he studies at the University of applied Arts. His works are a mixture of abstract graffiti and illustrative natural shapes.


  • Wake
    Wake Vienna, Austria / Thessaloniki

    Giorgos Beleveslis aka Wake, is born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1985. He holds a Master of Architecture (UTH/ Volos / Greece /2003-2010) and a Master of Science in Urban Strategies (IOA / University of Applied Arts / Vienna/Austria/ 2011-2013).
    He has collaborated with cutting-edge architectural firms such as Coop Himmelb(l)au (2013-2015) and Chalabi(2015-2017) covering a wide range of tasks : concept development, 2d and 3d design, technical drawings and 3d visualizations, informative diagrams, simulations and animations. Under the nickname “Wake” he has been an active street artist since 1999. Among numerous festivals, competitions, private and public commissioned walls, Wake has participated in several group exhibitions in the field of street art and architecture.
    This website is an anthology of works done in both a professional and academic context, as well as outcomes of an ongoing artistic research that attempts to blur the boundaries between architectural design and public art.


  • Yaguart
    Yaguart Bogota / Spain

    YAGUART is an artist born in Bogota, currently based in Spain, with a long history in street art (graffiti and stencil) passionate about technology, decides to enter the world of video projection and videomapping, taking his illustrations to another level, applying other techniques, such as painting with light, intervening the natural landscape and urban in real time. Inspired by the Land Art, decides to intervene natural spaces with ephemeral works, his nocturnal work creates a magical and unique world. Yaguar has participated in different festivals and cultural events collaborating with other artists, musicians, dancers and performance, just as it has been presented as video jockey.