your chance dance 

Can’t keep your feet still to good music? Maybe we have a perfect programme tip. With this selection of acts, you can perfom and dance

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Free promotion: 2×30 free minutes with our WienMobil bike

With promotional code ,KULTUR24′ , you can take two free 30-minute rides on a WienMobil bike for the entire duration of the Kultursommer Wien

take your chance      period:   27th June    ~    11 August 2024



how it works

There is a virtual WienMobil bike station* at each of the nine Kultursommer stages, so you can cycle from stage to stage in comfort. Enter the promotional code „KULTUR24“ when renting a WienMobil bike and you can cycle for 2 x 30 minutes free of charge.



WienMobil Rad: bike sharing from Wiener Linien

WienMobil Rad is the bike sharing system of Wiener Linien. There are 3,000 bikes available at 240 locations throughout Vienna, which you can rent and return conveniently via app




Wasserturm Favoriten: 1100 Wien

Hyblerpark: 1110 Wien

Wilhelmsdorfer Park: 1120 Wien

Reithofferpark: 1150 Wien

Währinger Park: 1180 Wien

Mortarapark: 1200 Wien

Großfeldsiedlung U1: 1210 Wien

Schröderingerplatz: 1220 Wien

Meischlgasse ASK Erlaa: 1230 Wien