Kollective Orange

A collective of two artists from Berlin Neukölln.
With illustrative murals on various surfaces, collective Orange combine fantastic with real elements and create dreamy utopias in which the eye can embark on a journey of discovery. They particularly like to explore and investigate different forms of living, existing and express their experiences in their artworks. First of all they explore what constitutes a place, a theme or an idea and reassemble the individual elements so that they mirror the imaginings of futuristic realities. Especially the unconventional repurposing of spaces and the connection between nature, industry, city and art are themes that recur in their work. A journey to a wonderland is about to begin. We are happy to welcome the „Kollektive Orange“ at Mural City 2022. Visit us again soon and discover our new worlds of Scheibbs. 


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ionart x Anja Grohmann Wiener Linien