MADO Solutions

We had the chance to work with Mado Event Solutions to design the new office building

Mr. Cenz (UK) has simply not been able to stop since 1988. He discovered hip-hop culture and graffiti art and has been obsessed with developing and experimenting with his style ever since. This is also noticeable in his lively and dynamic works. The quality of his various techniques and compositions are mostly focused on portraits of women he interprets. On the façade on the street side, the woman – surrounded by sound – loses herself in the music, surrenders to the here and now and seems to be in a state of trance.  MORE:

Like his comic images, Dante (ESP) is fun for everyone. His style is a mix of typography, characters and colorful elements inspired by a variety of comics. This is reflected on the outer facade of the Bauhalle. MORE:

Illunis from Salzburg painted a bat hanging from the ceiling in the small interior, which is considered a symbol of luck in Cuba, and is associated with Mado’s partner Bacardi.

Make our world more colourful!

Designing and producing works of art, mural paintings and façade embellishments. In collaboration and cooperation with international artists (especially with Graffiti and Street Artists), housing Agencies, Project Managers, Architects and General Contractors we create a dialogue between our environment and aesthetic performance to make you happy.

With competent advices, flexibility and quality we develop individual solutions for and with you. Our priority is to know your desire and needs to bring you a sense of well – being through the mural and interior design.

With iOnArt, visual accents can be set, while at the same time the uniform optical overall impression is maintained.
The Eye Catcher sets visual reference points to your wish
Different colors and sizes allow dynamic painting and artistic realization.
By means of fractal elements individual ideas can be realized.

With all the variety and freedom of design, the pictorial implementation, an optical uniformity is always present.
A colour composition that allows for tranquillity and liveliness at the same time, creates a balanced atmosphere and still allows for innovation and development possibilities is our concern.

Characteristic for Rico79 from Halle in Germany are his pictures with often urban influences of the city of Jungel. The monkey with its shaking graffiti can, the wooden fence, the stone wall and the barbed wire are funny, thoughtful, critical and sometimes a bit provocative. MORE: rico.79

GLOWGRAFF and his psychedelic’s colorful abstract style writing letters.  MORE: