Dante Arcade x MURAL CITY19

Dante Arcade and his friend Neirsus visited us again. But this this time we were painting a massive industire wall.

In the middle of the 90s when he was a child he come along with graffiti in San Javier. His style is influenced by the 80s, New Wave, Memphis Design Movement and the golden age of Arcade video games. The style of our last work togehter is a collage built in a way similar to newspaper or magazine clippings. Each fragment belongs to a different style, influence or epoch, inspired by everything classical and arcade. Nostalgia, retrofuturism, classic American comics, pop art, and Memphis design are the attributes that define the work. The new with old, classic and modern thats the way it is.

Enjoy the video by  NEIRSUS prods.

Thanks to Neirsus for cuting and filming