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Street Art & Graffiti

from all over the world guests in Scheibbs


In 2016 we started to paint a wall in a small romantic town called SCHEIBBS – Ščipéčje (568) – SCIBES (1160).


In the course of the last few years, Scheibbs has developed into an open art and culture creating region in which one can let free rein to the creative vein, inspired by nature and tranquillity.
This contemporary art form should stimulate and polarize conscious perception, and draw attention to the wonderful structural, creative elements of the picturesque town and the flair & charm of this place. In order to convey a feeling for space and art.

Everything stated with this old wall full of moose.

My parents were not happy about it so I came up with the idea to let it paint by an artist, so Philipp Netolitzky.


At the centre of the project “Raum’gfühl – Scibes” was an aesthetic intervention that aims to visualise the tension between historical architecture and social change in an impressive way. However, the original cityscape as an expression of its own communal identity must always be preserved. The Scheibbser Graffiti Walk is an attractive addition to this project and should appeal in particular to children, young people and the young at heart.
The historic town of Scheibbs was first mentioned in documents in the 12th century.
In an original document from August 19, 1160, which is located in the Reichersberg Abbey in the Upper Austrian Innviertel, an Otto de Schibis appears,
A follower of the Counts of Peilstein. The name Scheibbs probably originates from the Slavic, when after the end of the migration of nations around 568 Slavs from Pannonia invaded the area. They named the settlement at that time Ščipéčje, which means “wild growing hedge rose”. Even today there are still dialectal terms like “Hetscherl” or “Hetschipetsch”. The Slavic Ščipéčje became after the extinction of the Slavic language in the region around 1160 Scibes, around 1200 Schibes, 1367 Schibsa, 1537 Scheybs, 1700 Scheibs and 1800 Scheibbs.
The district of Scheibbs is part of the Eisenwurzen as well as the Mostviertel in Lower Austria, which covers the southwestern part of the province, including the central region around St. Pölten. The municipal area of Scheibbs is located in the centre of the district and includes mainly the middle Erlauftal and the surrounding foothills of the Alps

Like his comic images, Dante (ESP) is fun for everyone. His style is a mix of typography, characters and colorful elements inspired by a variety of comics. This is reflected on the outer facade of an industrial wall of Mado Solutions in Mank. MORE:

Mr. Cenz (UK) has simply not been able to stop since 1988. He discovered hip-hop culture and graffiti art and has been obsessed with developing and experimenting with his style ever since. This is also noticeable in his lively and dynamic works. The quality of his various techniques and compositions are mostly focused on portraits of women he interprets. On the façade on the street side, the woman – surrounded by sound – loses herself in the music, surrenders to the here and now and seems to be in a state of trance.  MORE:

Characteristic for Rico79 from Halle in Germany are his pictures with often urban influences of the city of Jungel. The monkey with its shaking graffiti can, the wooden fence, the stone wall and the barbed wire are funny, thoughtful, critical and sometimes a bit provocative. MORE: rico.79

GLOWGRAFF and his psychedelic’s colorful abstract style writing letters.  MORE: