Franka Rothaug

Austrian based artist Franka Rothaug likes to paint all kinds of animals, humans included. Working mostly with oil on canvas, but also wood, walls or cardboard she can  zoom into surreal stories. Next to painting she takes detours into illustration, design and performance. A common ground is that each work is based on a story that wanted to be told. Her artistic career began in 2005 at the University of Applied Arts with Prof. Walter Lürzer.
Besides the Angel Summer Academy in Florence or the University of Art and Design, she is a gifted artist and runs the „allergiker cafe“ with her mother on Wiednerhauptsraße.

What was the best decision in your artist’s life and career?

Maybe going to Florence to learn some of caravaggions skills – or trying to at least 🙂

If you were a food: Which one would it be?

Maybe you would need to make Gulasch out of me, with mushrooms and little dumplings… Luckily I don’t know, maybe a schnitzel would be nice to.

What is your next project?

I have a few of them midways, currently I am working on a cookbook for the AllergikerCafe (A Bakery/Café I opened 6 years ago). Also I am going to have two Exhibitions in November that I am preparing right now. Sometimes I just like to think one painting ahead though. For my next one I just prepared a huge canvas. Biggest I did so far can`t wait to start working on that motive!


MURAL CITY – Scheibbs 2020


What could you not do without in your life?

Having a few friends that lost their ability to taste or smell what they eat due to corona lately this became a horror vision of mine. Of course I would not rather lose my sight, but it has never been threatened that way. I guess the answer should be that I would not like to be without any of my senses … enjoying food is such a pleasure!

What was your favorite subject at school?

I think it would be easier to say which subjects I didn’t like:  chemistry, geography, history and latin. But I liked school in general. Guess I was lucky with my class. We had good times maybe a little bit to much part-time for the adults.

What would you get up in the middle of the night for?

That’s easy to do. Quite often a good friend rings me out at night to come downstairs for a beer or some schnaps. If I wake up when my phone rings, I will get up and then i will continue sleeping after my guests leave again.


3.9.2020 – Doppelausstellung – „Souvenier“, Cafe Nest, Wien
18.8.2020 – Kaberett & Vernissage – Maurer ab Hof, Weingut Schabl, Niederösterreich
16.1.2020 – Einzelausstellung – ArtSchmidatal, Niederösterreich
4.12.2019 – Gruppenausstellung „Living studio“ Janarnold Galerie, MQ Wien
16.10.2019 – Einzelausstellung, Galleria Russo, Amelia, Italien
2.10.2019 – „Im Vogelblick (zugenickt)“ Einzelausstellung, Bezirksamt Wieden, Wien
12.2018 – „Faltenwürfe und ein Vogel“ Einzelausstellung, Bits&Bites, Wien
5.2018 – „Kunstblick“ Gruppenausstellung, Wien
9.2017 – Vernissage, Weingut Schabl, Königsbrunn
1.2017 – General Tan und das Gold – Vernissage, Sitzenberg
2.2016 – die Linie, Luntisten – Performace, St.Gallen, CH
7.2015 – Performance, Kunstsalon Salonette, Wien
4.2014 – Friss oder Stirb, Gruppenausstellung, Wien
4.2014 – EARLY BIRDS, Gruppenausstellung, Kunsthalle MQ, Wien
4.2014 – ROUNDABOUT, Galerie SUPER, Wien
10.2013 – EARLYBIRDS, Gruppenausstellung Kunsthalle, Wien


General Tan und das Gold – Gustav Dressler, 2016
Adventkalender, Billa interactiv online
AllergikerFamilie, Illustrationen für das Auftreten des AllergikerCafés
split into 13, Artistbook