Marnie Feuerriegel

Life is a web and everything is intertwined.

Earth is resilient yet vulnerable.

Marnie Feuerriegel is a Berlin based visual artist and illustrator from Australia

Born in Tropical North Queensland, Marnie grew up surrounded by rainforest and reef. During this period she spent time living in the Daintree Rainforest. From a young age she felt a deep connection with nature, the life it is capable of sustaining and it’s striking fragility. Her creative work reflects the delicate state of the natural world, human interaction and the balance needed between the two in order to live in harmony.


We must respect the oceans as we respect the rainforests and vice versa. Take one environment away and the other will collapse. Her mural depicts these two worlds colliding. While panthers and gazelles do not live in the ocean and sea turtles and fish do not live on the land, it ultimately does not matter.

If we choose to disregard one environment we ultimately choose to disregard both.

Nature is critically threatened but she’ll never cease to grow, to evolve, to fight back. There is an abundant, colourful world out there. Let’s not forget that. Let’s choose to help.

„I chose to paint a “wet wall’, a wall where moss will always grow back. Many watchers on condemned this choice but I love this element. The fact that nature keeps growing despite the odds is perhaps the most powerful symbolism in my piece. Who am I to disregard the living things present all around me?“

So Marnie

The mural is near a primary school and so we hope to get inspire the kids while they are young! If they can grow up surrounded by exotic animals, perhaps they will care more about the natural world when they are older. Over the years Marnie have juggled with many mediums before finally deciding to stick it out with oil paint.

Upon discussion, so many people have voiced how hard oil paint is to use… how intimidating it feels. She disagree! You can easily manipulate oils to work with you. You can also walk away for a day and come back with fresh eyes, knowing it will still be wet and blendable.

Oil paint is vibrant to the eyes and feels like mixing butter. It is extremely pleasant to play with once you gain the confidence!