Guido Palmadessa

Guido Palmadessa (1988) Street Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina and based in Berlin, Germany since 2018.

He develops painting, drawing and mural, going from oils on linen, mixed media on paper, to large-scale public projects.
Focused in the social component of art, he works in different contexts over the world painting and giving workshops with his project ‘Migrant Dreams’.
Raised in the street art generation and having an academic formation (U.N.A / BS.AS), his portraits are a mix of symbolic languages, imagination, and social realism – all about human condition-. He sees the world through painting, doing it everywhere, and considers art as a bridge that communicates people and creates community.

Not only Guido had fun also the house owners and the whole family was allowed to join in and be an artist for once.

Beside of our painting action we try to bring the Austrian Culture a bit closer to our artists with several sightseeings we have have fun and relax

To consider the wishes of the owners and to get inspired we had a hike in the beautiful nature of Scheibbs

Collabartive art project Mural City – Scheibbs 2020

in cooparation of Artcanhelp &

Street art connects locals and passers-by. It infuses creativity into communities and brings them together. #PainttheChange promotes street art as a tool for social change. We believe that in a world surrounded by negativity and despair, great art can lift communities up and encourage conversation and change for the better. This project was a collaboration with Discover Young Hackney and the great Argentinian artist Guido Palmadessa. We held an open street art workshop for the children of Hackney. The kids were given free rein to express themselves and bring colour and life to a small part of their borough. They owned the walls, using them as a canvas to communicate their hopes and aspirations. The portraits of these children, beautifully painted by Guido, now decorate Westgate street, Hackney, to celebrate their uniqueness and strength in diversity.