Each mural is a page that interacts with your device to expand the journey with augmented reality, narration, music, animations, sounds, the voices of the characters, a map, etc.

The story „Un silencio bárbaro“ is the first edition and takes place among the 17 murals and other artistic installations located in the Palermo neighbourhood, in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

„One day the Palermo neighbourhood woke up in absolute silence… there were no sounds and people couldn’t hear each other. They had kidnapped the sounds! Some children start to go out into the street, they get together and decide to go on an expedition to bring the sounds back to the neighbourhood…“.


Welcome to BooksOnWall, an application that offers a transmedia experience and a story through urban art.

This is the first story in Books On Wall. Seventeen murals have been painted in the Palermo neighbourhood, they are part of a story and can be experienced through an application on a mobile phone or tablet.

Will you join the adventure?