a floor in colour       an area for all and joy

Skatepark Neulengbach


In August 2020, our time had come. artists @jumumonster and @_gamzeyalcin_ designed and tried something new

Istanbuls street art culture has developed.  An artist from Turkey is Gamze Yalçin, who is now enjoying life in Berlin. She graduated Interior Architecture in Mimar Sinan Fine Art Universty (Istanbul, Turkey).

She discovered our world while she is working for interior design

Ju Mu grew up in Hanover with Peruvian-Chilean roots and got her degree in fashion design. She now lives and works in Berlin as a freelance artist.

Shaman cult and the connection between the spirit world and nature are characteristics and focuses of her work and serve as inspiration for her masks, canvases or costumes

For her works she uses everything she can get her hands on for creating a new and surreal world


Photo Credit: Nikolaus Nebosis (@hosenbundrecords)