What is the project about?

Children and young people want to express their creativity, but until now it has been difficult for them to do so in public spaces and small communities. Many street graffiti are tolerated in certain places at best, sometimes even punished. There is a lack of legal spaces in communities and this means a laborious search for the owners or applying for permits. And that’s why the idea was born to set up a sculpture that you can use without questions and problems!
WeCanSpray is a low-threshold art education project in public space, which stands for creative communication in the field of visual street art in the area of graffiti & street art. Children, young people and artists are invited to express their creativity in a legal (non-criminalized) framework in public space. People should have the opportunity to participate in a collective work of art in public space, which is in a constant state of change.

With our sculpture we want to create a prototype for a legal creative art space for youth centers, schools, cities and communities, where children, teenagers and the young at heart can develop freely and let off steam artistically in public space. The sculpture’s shape is reminiscent of a spray can and thus of graffiti, which is one of the most popular and polarizing contemporary arts worldwide. Through its shape, the sculpture in itself marks the function and, at the same time, the area where you can be artistic.