The Wild Mind APV


Genre: Erasmus+

Location: Romania

Welcome to the Wild Mind!

We would like to extend this opportunity to you and your members to represent Austrian youth in this APV in Romania as a preparation for a youth exchange in an internationally well-known outdoor education center. Below you may find further informations about the details of this journey.

• youth/ social worker who may like to become the group leader also for the activity in the summer

•young person 18-30 aged who is motivated and interested in outdoor and mindfulness activities and would potentially also get involved in the summer programme.

TRAVEL / Youth exchange

✓ Outward Bound Youth Center

✓ Portugal: 360 €/ person
✓Austria | Czehia | Latvia | Spain: 275 €/ person
✓Bulgaria: 180 €/ person
✓Romania: 20 €/ person

Some suggestions:

The closest city to Sovata with an airport is:

Târgu Mureș (Marosvásárhely)



You can also fly from your country to…


București (capital of Romania) –


From București-Târgu Mureș-Sovata by bus




From București-Sighișoara by train, Sovata by bus




Budapest (capital of Hungary) –

Budapest-Târgu Mureș by plane, Sovata by bus

BUD-TGM: Wizzair daily flights:


Budapest-Sovata by bus

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