Graffiti probation service
„encourage people for having a look“

„Our artwork“ wants to show the different people of the city. Graffiti artist Michael Töpfer finished his work on the façade of house on Saturday – in ten days of work, Salzburg’s largest graffiti was created in „Schallmoos“.

The artist deliberately trys to show people of „Salzburg city and Schallmoos“ district on the façade of the probationary services association: „You can see silhouettes of different people – a woman in a wheelchair, a young mother, a woman with a dog, children playing, visitors of „Neustart“ house. „The graffiti is also meant to reflect the diversity from „Schallmoos“ district, where many different people life, and I wanted to make them visible,“ says Töpfer.


Artist trys to encourage people to have a closer look

Our artwork shows the people of the city and the district, from the guests of probation and parole service to the festival guests. From a lifting platform, the artist works together with two colleagues for ten days to decorate the two-storey building with his art and to draw attention to the association Neustart.

„There is a lot of advertising in public spaces and a lot of things are pointed out and often the things that are really important are overlooked or forgotten.And that’s why I think it’s great that you can now see that here on the façade and ask yourself, what’s there?“ says Michael Töpfer.The project was financed by the private house owner, the association Neustart and the province of Salzburg through a grant