A commission about commitment

Rail Cargo Group aspires to be the sustainable logistical backbone of the economy.

# Together – Everyday transformation in global change accompanies us and is becoming faster and faster from day to day. The Corona crisis has shown us all irrefutably what is important – all of us! The common good should always come first.

We can read about it in the media every day – about climate change, COVID-19, war, exploitation, animal cruelty, the next recession, and much more.
We’re in this together. In days like these, it is even more important to change things together in a positive direction. Only we as a collective can achieve this – #together! Austria can act as a pioneer here and show the world how it can be done.
The artists* in the hospitals, in education, in care, in all social professions, but also in trade, transport, production, construction, security services, voluntary organisations, fire brigade, rescue and in so many other important areas. In all sectors which make up our society we should try to create a
to make a U-turn. We have strained the climate and the environment beyond all limits and are now being presented with the bill every day. Just as with basic social services, we must make an about-turn in our ecological “basic services”, as well as in animal protection and every small sub-area.
Artists*, art & culture, as well as the creative industries and our cultural assets are in a Precarious situation. The corona pandemic is a vivid harbinger of what is to come in such times of crisis and can only guess at much larger dimensions. That is why we must act quickly today and in accordance with the scale of the situation.

# Solidarity – Logistics is about looking after people

# Confidence – All of us sometimes make mistakes, sometimes conditions accompany us with which we have to fight or simply have bad luck. In spite of all this we try to give confidence and are happy about your confidence in us every day.

# Backbone – for a Europe worth living in.

Many thanks to RailCargo, Flo, Sebi, Vanyen & Anna (We will never forget you!)