Public Transport Campaign by Wienerlinien

Fio Silva is no stranger to Viennese street art anymore. At least now, every daily user of the metro unconsciously knows her work. For the “Dein Sommerurlaub daheim” campaign of the “Wiener Linien”, the Argentinian artist and muralist again brought some magic to urban culture in Vienna, since one of her artworks in connection with the slogan “Wie Berlin. Nur mit besserem Kaffee.” was visible in every single metro station for at least two weeks. The campaign itself was introduced to remind people not to go on vacation abroad and travel hundreds of kilometers, but to stay at home and enjoy the culture we have here in Austria.

Silva`s centerpiece in her art is a nature motive, accompanied by vibrant background colours and shapes. Because of the fact that there is basically no straight line, it reminds us a bit of 60s psychedelic art. Her main focus, the eagle is a symbol of pride, strength and longevity.

The whole campaign consists of many humorous slogans with cultural or political backgrounds. It is a great honor for the young Argentinian to have taken such a big stage here in Vienna. In the future, there will hopefully be many more artworks of Silva adorning our city.

All public transport and subway stations in Vienna had an information focus on graffiti & street art in 2020.

Artwork by Fio Silva in association with &

We are happy to be part of it. Thank you!

iOnArt ft. QM&A / Photo: iOnArt