Manuel Murel

Manuel Murel is an artist who grew up in France and is now living and working in Vienna. His first influences came from Street art and Graffiti.

With his miscellaneous works, the artist constantly tries to reinvent himself. The message in many of his works is: To escape from the everyday routine.

Manuel Murel is also working as a performance artist.
Inspired by magicians and clowns, he uses paint or the light-art technique to capture his audience.

He has been studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna since 2014 and is currently based in Vienna, Austria.

With his artworks he wish to create a free space for individual interpretation. His objective is to stimulate people under a given topic; to shake them up and made them escape from their daily routine. Therefore, he prefers to paint in public spaces, where the interaction with the observer has the greatest impact.

The street juggler from 1927
A new interpretation of a photo of the Antscherl family
The photo was taken in the main street of Scheibbs near the original location in the 1927s.

With sixteen, he had his first impulse on Graffiti writing. He was not spraying to tag his name everywhere. He rather had a goal to become an artist.

Due to frequent travels and admiration for different cultures, he has been able to experience a variety of styles while maintaining his personal point of view

For more than ten years he has been experimenting with the light art technique: A unique form of painting, in which he use a flashlight to create a chemical reaction on special coated canvas. The green-yellow glowing reaction is visible for around 2-7 minutes, depending on how dark the space is. With this technique it is possible to create a truly living painting which is best seen live but also great for video works.

Over the last years he was able to do a lot of art workshops in schools and he also wrote his thesis about such a school project. He feels very privileged to share his art with young people.

If you want to know more about Manuel Mural, watch the video (only in German)…

Manuel Murel in Portrait