Anya Mielniczek in Scheibbs

Anya Mielniczek is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist who combines her fine art background with raw material grit in both private and public sectors creating mixed-media installations, mural work and facilitating community art activations.

This was the first time she was painting with Molotow TM and even though she found it challenging to start with (Molotow are higher pressure cans aka stiff!) she loved ended up loving the process and final outcome. Molotow colours are saturated and bright and the result of the palette allows the wall to pop. The energy of hand brushed strokes combined with the mechanical application of spray also adds a dynamic effect to the piece allowing for movement and contrast between the designs elements. When you see the original and the painted wall you get a wonderful splash of colour that meets your eyes. What do you think?

With every public opportunity to create she’s committed to giving nature a voice at a time in our world history where the earth, her elements and our connection to them is fractured.

The idea for this picture was to involve our customers wish subject of nature and plants of the immediate surroundings.
Julia is a butterfly fan and her husband Philipp likes to work with wood. Also we were able to capture her children Felix and Leon as flowers in a zodiac sign and much more details.

With looming threats like climate change, pollution and species extinction her intent is to create with purpose -inspiring, informing and establishing a connection to our natural world. Ultimately defining a conversation with the viewer that may inspire and bring awareness for sustainable change.

Beside of our painting action we try to bring the Austrian Culture a bit closer to our artists with several sightseeings we have have fun and relax.

We had a nice journey to the lake of Lunz and the perfect balance of work and exploartion of searching for mushrooms.

Jacoba Nierpoort