QM&A Kids Summer

QM&A Kids Summer is a one-week summer holiday programme for children aged 8-13 that raises awareness of social issues, encourages interdisciplinary creativity and gives children the opportunity to make new and unexpected friends.
This year it takes place as part of the Summer in Floridsdorf festival. It takes place from 12 to 16 July, daily from 9 am to 4 pm. In the morning we start the day with a joint breakfast.

Between 10am and 12pm we have the first workshop of the day. Between 12 and 1 pm we eat a delicious lunch together, which is completely organic and prepared by two cooks on site. Every afternoon from 1pm to 4pm there are different workshops.

The workshops are held in English and German, depending on the children’s language skills. A translator will be present at all workshops. If you have any questions about the holiday programme, please email smaranda[@]questionmeandanswer.com or

contact@ionart.a,- thank you!

Atelierhof Schlingermarkt, Brünner Straße 26/32, 1210 Vienna


Flexible prices between 50 and 250€ are offered. The full price for the whole week including organic food is 250€. We ask that you pay the full amount if you have the financial means to do so. People who make a higher contribution to the costs make it possible for other children to participate at a reduced price. People with lower incomes are also welcome to pay less or nothing at all. Please indicate how much you can contribute in the registration form below.