Our world of AI art generators.
Algorithms, option generators and create as many images as you want, and each one is unique.

„Lensa“ application has been around since 2018, – the introduction of „Magic Avatars“ – has the app gone viral. With the AI application Lensa, digital avatars can be created.

What are the criticisms?

The principle sounds temptingly simple: upload up to 20 pictures of yourself and get 50 imaginative versions of yourself. Lensa generates its avatars using Stable Diffusion, an open-source AI model that generates images based on text input. Stable Diffusion is in turn based on LAION-5B, a huge open-source dataset compiled by mining images from the internet.

A tempting filter app

First of all, „Lensa“ already warns during the photo upload that the AI sometimes causes „artefacts, errors or defects“ in the images produced. This is because the „Lensa“ AI is still in training.

The more users feed in their private pictures, the more accurate the results will be. So the app wouldn’t work without our private content. Our facial data will not be sold to third parties, but we will leave the business model of collecting private data at that.

Sexualised hero:ins – What are our beauty ideals today and tomorrow? A society of stereotypes.

Artificial intelligence is repeatedly criticised for creating distorted perceptions.

Artificial Intelligence Art – AI ART

engl. AI art is a term that refers to all those who are creating art ith the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Ai Art – how does work?

One of the best-known examples of how artificial intelligence works in art (Artificial Intelligence Art, or simply AI Art) is when a machine creates new songs by famous singers, based on the analysis of a large data set (or Big Data).

Are atists losing their work?

Copyright infringement: „Lensa“ steals from artists
And that’s not all. The colourful avatars that give us that exciting look have to come from somewhere. The „Lensa“ filters are inspired by the works of various artists. These data sets can be found online, but the app has no rights to the artworks that „Lensa“ feeds into the database. Thus, styles are copied without paying the authors.