Club Mandingo 

Hintere Zollamtstrasse 2B, Wien, Austria


„Electric sparkling trip-hop &
neo-soul…the follow-up of Erykah Badu, Lizz Wright, Jamila Woods or even Alicia Keys“ – Groove Magazin (Germany). After playing her first solo tour through the U.S. opening for Moon Hooch the Viennese singer, musician, producer and audio-visual artist Elena Shirin released her debut album „FROM A TO BE“ via Motor Entertainment and received a magnificent national as well as international media response.
With the first three singles the young artist made it on #3 of the Austrian Radio FM4 charts and got selected as the Fm4 Soundpark Act of the Month, May 2020. Since 2022 the spectrum of Live Performance has expanded to a Band of four. The rhythm and colors around her soulful singing take the groups neo-soul sound further towards Hiatus Kaiyote – Jordan Rakei territory.


Morena Leraba is a Mosotho musician and shepherd from of Ha-Mojela in Mafeteng district, located south of Lesotho’s capital Maseru. Leraba’s music (especially lyrics) is deeply rooted in Lesotho’s traditional music, poetry, and it’s sub-genre, Famo, which was introduced as early as the 1920s when Basotho men were migrant workers in South African mines. However, the approach in the beat is significantly different as it hurls almost everything from Electro, Electronica, Afro-House, Folk, and Hip-Hop.