In Austria, “damage to property by graffiti” was reported 4,585 times in 2013.

More than half of all offences are reported in Vienna, with the provinces following at a considerable distance. The clearing up rate is in the long-term average Austria-wide at about 20 percent, the damages go annually into the millions.

Spraying can be lethal. Especially with underground railways or railway lines, there is a danger from high-voltage lines or approaching train

High penalties – lifelong consequences
In fact, this “kick” is a criminal offense. Damage to property (§ 125 StGB) and serious damage to property (§ 126 StGB) are involved here, points out the Austrian insurance association VVO.
Penalties ranging from six months to five years are envisaged. Not to be forgotten are also the civil law actions of the injured parties, which the perpetrator often cannot repay for a lifetime due to the high damage.

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On this map you can find all legal graffiti areas in the federal state of Vienna.


Despite careful research, it is recommended to check on site before painting to see if the surface can still be painted legally.
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