Credit: Lee McLean

In Europe the aluminium can recycling rate is 75% – not bad. That’s still not enough.

In general the collection of cans through household rubbish is efficient – you put your can in the right bin and it’s taken away for recycling.

But when it comes to cans consumed on-the-go – at music festivals, sports events, or in public places – things are not nearly so great. It’s here that we can make a real difference.


We also need you to inspire festival and event organizers, drinks brands, city councils and others to make on-the-go recycling much easier.

Like other metals, aluminium is a permanent material: it can be recycled forever with no loss in quality. All cans are equally recyclable whatever their colour, size or shape.

Every time a can is recycled it saves energy and resources.

To inspire, encourage and empower people.

Let`s recycle cans wherever they are.