Behind the Boarders

In the course of the Viertelfestival, the façade of the youth centre in Gmünd at the border crossing to the Czech Republic got a colourful artwork. A creative duo with family, a passion for illustration, characterdesign and boardsports. The adhocrates. The Kreberniks Kathi and Lilo combined sgraffito elements, as seen on the main square houses, with colourful patterns.

A week in the „Löffelmann`s house“.

This project came about to alive because of Katharina Löffelmann`s help, who made a place to sleep possible for us. Together with various artists we were able to enjoy a week full of joy, creativity and hospitality.

Viertelfestival_ Waldviertel.Vfnoe_logo_2018_projekt_rot2

A big thank you to the city of Gmünd who supported us and made it possible.