Why is it so difficult for us to be brave?
To say something when everybody else is silent.
To act when everyone is sitting and waiting.
Waiting for something to happen.

What`s happening?
According to IDMC in 2019 nearly 1,900 environmental
disasters forced some 25 million people across 140
countries to leave their homes and numbers are rising. This
has far-reaching social consequences, for which solutions
must urgently be found. So, let us be brave together. Let us
get active now! Take part in our art competition, with no
limits to your creativity and form of expression!

Much happens. About some things you may hear before it is forgotten again. It happens all the time. Everyone talks about it. Nobody wants to start. Everyone knows. It affects us too.

Not today. Not tomorrow. Then, when we have looked the
other way too long. Then, when it will be too late.
Being brave is easy. Being brave is to act.


Get Support
If you have questions of any regard do
not hesitate to contact us via

Exhibition and Award
✓ Selected artworks become part of a
travelling exhibition
✓ Award money for the top winners:

1st place: 800€
2nd place: 400€
3rd place: 200€


Participants‘ profile
✓ Between 15 and 25 years old
✓ Residence in Vienna
✓ Individuals or groups


Submission of the artwork until 04.07.2021
✓ Via e-mail or via mail (see header)

✔ Enclose description (max. one A4 page)

✔ Bigger data sets can be submitted via links
(wetransfer, dropbox …)

✔ Also personal handovers for larger artworks are
possible by arrangement

up 10 Files, 10 MB in total (jpg, jpeg, gif, pdf)

... my given data in the sense of the EU-DSGVO (EU data protection regulation) are processed and stored. For more information, please visit: our Imprint