Walt Disney – The Wizard Part 2

On Walt Disneys 100th anniversary occasion, we explore a question: who was Walt Disney?

of the two-part documentary looks at the years 1941 to 1961 and how Walt Disney’s career went downhill after the premiere of the film „Bambi“.

„After first great successes came the great lull“

Due continuing creative dry spell, next big box office hit failed to materialise for the time being. With propaganda and educational films for the government alone, the Disney studios could not stay afloat forever. The company ran up huge debts and the Screen Cartoonists‘ Guild – the Hollywood cartoonists‘ union – revolted. „Walt Disney“ company suffered considerable damage to its image. This was `cause Disney had no interest in negotiating with unions and accused them of communist conspiracy. Walt Disney needed distance from his trade in order to regain his place at the top a short time later with double strength and an ingenious new business idea. He discovered a hitherto unprecedented business concept: the fantasy world of Disneyland, which united all his cartoon characters. When negotiations with the TV station ABC were successfully concluded, there was no turning back.