Urban Playground is a non-profit cultural and sports association based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. The association was founded in 2015 by David Scheßl and Peter Piuk and aims to promote and communicate youth culture. It sees itself as a mouthpiece, platform and collective in the Alps-Adriatic region.

We are united by the vision of shaping our own future, which is why we work passionately on the development of Klagenfurt and Carinthia as an attractive location and living space for urban culture and give young artists an opportunity to develop, develop and present themselves.

We offer young people and children the chance to develop their interests with role models from the urban culture and art scene and to support them by steering them in a good direction. Our team, consisting of social pedagogues, trained sports coaches and big names from the art and culture scene, covers a wide range of areas of youth culture and form a warm and competent community.



Association for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Culture and Sports Projects – Urban Playground

Siebenbürgengasse 13/4
9073 Klagenfurt

MORE: office@urban-playground.at