With our workshops (led by artists) we want to awaken curiosity, make initiatives possible, promote creative thinking, self-determined action, helpfulness and art practice. With

In archaeology and anthropology, artefact (archaeology – from Latin ars (originally) „processing“ and făcĕre „to make, produce“) refers to an object produced by humans. Legacies of human activity.

Children and young people see, think and speak differently and often need guidance in achieving their goals as well as in thinking, creating and acting creatively. Children are the future of tomorrow.

First and foremost, it is about experiences that guarantee free rein to the artistic process, the love of painting, transporting stories and conveying the fun of colourful life.

Experience. Education. Future

„Techniques seem like rules become tools.

There are talents hidden in them that we often know nothing about. With our initiative, we want to promote creative thinking, artistic aspects and commitment. There is less and less analogy. Technology is important, but without creative thinking there is just as little technology. Digital working environments make many things easier nowadays, but they also take away our thinking and cause stress-related illnesses, for example.


Let`s have a try..

Have a try and have a can. Let`s develop a piece of art together.

Since the beginning of our activities in the area of graffiti and street art, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge and we strive to pass this on. We have been offering workshops for several years, enabling children and young people to immerse themselves in this diverse, colorful and exciting world. Be it the design of a wall or the design of individual T-shirts, we know what children enjoy and put together their own programs for schools, clubs, institutions and educational organizations in the form of workshops.

In addition to the technology, history, anecdotes and the legal situation, the handling of a can are explained.

Discovering the children’s creativity, talents and abilities is a need for us.
“Wecanspray” is a way to break down barriers, cultural differences and thus awaken and encourage the creative potential of children.
To enable an attractive, creative addition to their everyday life.

Ideas are Teamwork, in an atmosphere of art, wealth and creativity.

Strengthening cultural education in schools and the joint and individual learning and teaching processes of pupils, teachers and cultural practitioners.
Support for teachers of all subjects and school types in innovative lesson design and school development in cooperation with arts and cultural practitioners of all disciplines. Support for the active and equal participation of pupils in art and culture.
Strengthening pupils‘ competences through cultural education processes.

The active and creative participation of pupils is our satisfaction.

What happens?


– Collecting history and knowledge
– Planning
– Drawing and painting
– Finding practical flexible solutions
– Encouraging helpfulness
– Spraying


– Co-determination and co-design (Guided artistic activities).
– Self-design: Accompanied independent artistic work by pupils: inside
– Self-presentation: Own presentation of artistic work and results
– Communal interpersonal learning and creative development.