in oct 2023 we had a painting campaign in stpölten at a train station. with wind weather wet cold and our borrowed transfer shopping cart ionart wien made its way. in the age of 2024 there are hardly any stores left that lend a shopping cart for private use. a thank you to us „rewe group“.  with us shopping court bag and baggage arrived at a trainstation at stpölten we graced it with color

322 m² l 1300m h5m

~ 1300m² colour for public. with a bunch of drafts, paper, colours and a budget of €2.000 ionart started. 2024 will be continued.

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In addition, our activities is conveying creative art impact a colour play for children, young people and young hearts. colour and work with us

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chances for responsibility is one of our basics in life. Through lections we are trying informing and bring people together, creativity enhancement, color theory and using colors

Apart from color playing, distraction, processing, getting to know, reparation and debt reduction („resocialization“) are positive sides for presenting knowledge