Raffael Strasser

A new graffiti has appeared in Vienna. A graffiti over eight metres high showing a bull drowning in its own excrement is emblazoned on a Viennese wall.

“ Vollspaltenboden (Full-slatted floors) is like bathing in one’s own excrement“. Artist: Raffael Strasser

next to it a bull drowning in its own excrement. This new graffiti in Vienna is by the artist Raffael Strasser.  According to VGT surveys, more than 415,000 cattle in Austria, i.e. about 70 per cent of fattening cattle, have to eke out their existence on fully slatted floors. In this system, the animals pass their excrement downwards through movement and lying down, and the pen therefore never has to be mucked out. This is a labour saving for the operators, but it is achieved at the expense of the animals, who have to live their entire lives, which can be up to two and a half years in fattening, above their own excrement and that of their fellow cattle.