Keywords: rhizome, kin, kinship, reciprocal, reciprocity, species loneliness, biodiversity, polycultures, regeneration

How have we been living for so long, so arrogantly supposing that Nature exists for the convenience of humans?

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We blinded ourselves to reject our own kin. Without seeing the kinship, we separated ourselves into the lonely existence of species — species denying the common ancestor and submitting to the manipulation of fake anthropoid ancestors and data-driven calculations.

And yet, it is engraved in our DNA. The undeniable bound to each other — between all living. We knew it before we knew about DNA. There are millions of stories, myths, and songs about the vital communication and reciprocity between all the species. We still can learn from the intelligence of Indigenous Peoples about the sacred respect for everyone. Respect can start with language, noticing, absorbing, and gaining knowledge:And my family has never been just human beings. To be any kind of animal at all is to be within obligate mutualisms with a whole range of other plants, animals, and microbes and living as a holobiont, not as a single organism or individual. Said Donna Haraway when asked to define her family. While Gustav Metzger urges us to get rid of the term Environment which is the smoke humanity has put on Nature…And Väinämöinen, in the Kalevala epic, consoled the birch, which feels sad because of how people treat her:Weep no more, O verdant birch-tree!Leafy sapling, weep no longer, Thou, equipped with whitest girdle, For a pleasant future waits thee, New and charming joys await thee. Soon shalt thou with joy be weeping, Shortly shalt thou sing for pleasure.

This open call for artists invites them to submit artworks that have kin as the main protagonist — to amplify the existence and intelligence of plant species. We invite artists to leave the human species behind merely as viewers and students who are willing to learn more about their ignored family members. To learn to be more kind to kin as we breathe each other in and out of existence, one made by the exhalation of the other (Monica Gagliano).

  • Submission Requirements

    For artists based in Austria or Lithuania
    For individual artists or collectives
    For artists working in video, short film, animation, interactive art, sound art, video games, VR, or AR media
    For artworks that can be delivered and presented digitally

    English (in exceptional cases, submissions can be accepted in German or Lithuanian)


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