No more submissions possible

We are looking for artists for a Full Service Agency.

The design should take direct cue from the design styles from the brands sucess, but with a modern twist to it, catching the eye of the brand’s young, creative audience.


All submissions must be original artwork (meaning not using third party pre-existing copyright materials, or stock imagery except for those provided by Johnnie Walker in this Creative Invite) but can be pre-existing or created especially for this opportunity.

  • Each submission should consist of 1 fully executed design. Artists may also include the mock-up image of their design in the same submission.
  • Each design should be accompanied by a small written caption in English explaining the inspiration and design. Captions may be up to 150 words, and should be included in the ‚description‘ field of a submission.
  • Submissions must not include or allude to politics, sexism & racism
  • Designs should not include photography.
  • Key design style characteristics: using black & white or be colourful
  • Limit: 3 Submisions per Artist

The Concept:

A mural or graffiti represantiv for a Full Service Agency called MADO GmbH. Specialised in event solutions.

If we know something, then no event is like another.  And that’s a good thing – after all, we want to develop a tailor-made and unique concept for every project.

Whether this is a small executive meeting or a big celebration for customers or employees, does not matter to us. We always do our best to inspire you. So, that’s also our wish and occasion for our  wall.

References/ Last Work: Bilderbuch at Schönbrunn Vienna, Burg Clam with „Thirty seconds to Mars“.

Key Words: colorful or black and white, cheeky,  NOT lovely, timeless, abstract

Inspiration: Have a look at the mood board; Artists: Obey

Opertunity: To paint a wall for a Full service Agency and a Party Area.

Deadline: 12.07.2019

File Format: jpg., pdf. , Ai.,

Handdrawn, & Digital accepted.Layered ai. files and layered psd files (for any imagery that is included within the pack designs)
Only prestent designs can be presented as a mock up or  visual but will need original design files to complete contest
Do not flatten vector files

Maybe you wanna tell us a little bit about you?

  • When did you start painting murals?
  • Where does your inspiration come from?
  • When did you discover your passion?
  • What advice do you wish you had when you first started out?
  • Do you have an all time favorite mural that you’ve painted? If so, why that one?

HELLO: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us – contact@ionart.at