Lym Moreno & RainBoy – Calle orgánica

Lym Moreno (VEN) and RainBoy (MX) share not only their Latin American roots, but also a keen interest in creating works that inspire celebration, love, sharing and trust in life. Both bring the rich influence such as rhythmic melodies and explosive colors of their cultures to their work. Calle Orgánica was born out of an interest in collaboration that encompasses both the fusion of artistic disciplines and experimentation with formats and contexts that allow for direct interaction with people.

At Calle orgánica, visitors and passers-by meet in a place where cheerfully colorful, floral paper sculptures by Lym Moreno meet organic electronic house sounds by DJ Rainboy. The sculptures are abstract and colorful representations of plants from the rainforest. RainBoy will produce live music in a 160-minute set inspired by organic house electronic, with sounds of nature, rainforest animals and prehispanic instruments. In this jungle-inspired setting, the desire to celebrate, to move, to immerse oneself in this joyful world, to make unknown plants blossom and maybe to dance, inevitably arises.