Happy Painting

Designing and producing works of art, murals, paintings and façade embellishments are our motivation.

In collaboration and cooperation with international artists (especially with Graffiti and Street Artists), housing Agencies, Project Managers, Architects and General Contractors we create a dialogue between our environment and aesthetic performance to make you happy.

With competent advices, flexibility and quality we develop individual solutions for and with you. Our priority is to know your desire and needs to bring you a sense of well – being through the mural and interior design.

With all the variety and freedom of design, the pictorial implementation, an optical uniformity is always present.
A colour composition that allows for tranquillity and liveliness at the same time, creates a balanced atmosphere and still allows for innovation and development possibilities is our concern.

The Lower Austrian burger restaurant Johny’s commissioned iOnArt to transform their façade into an artfully designed one. The restaurant was originally a butcher’s shop and has now, in its third generation, been transformed into a burger restaurant. The small tavern quickly developed into probably the most sought-after burger restaurant in the region and attracts customers from all over Austria. Quality is sacred to owner John Daxböck. Every single burger patty comes from the in-house butchery. But vegans and vegetarians also get their money’s worth at the restaurant – a third of the dishes are now meatless. The interior and exterior façades were designed at two different times and without any direct connection. The first artist, Diso, was commissioned to paint the exterior façade (the one visible for the customers). It depicted a scene from Pulp Fiction and was of course done in his usual black and white style.

As always, it’s a pleasure to work together with Rico79. He is dropping lines since 1993. Together with the MOLOTOW TM  Family, the H.A.D.S. Crew and ionart.at he is developing his style on and on… His pictures are influenced by the City Jungel.

Since Diso had already designed the restaurant’s exterior façade and the styles of Rico and Diso complement each other well, Rico was commissioned to paint the interior façade, where the entrance of the butchery is located. Daxböck wanted the main symbol of his restaurant, a burger, on his interior façade.


The sketch machine from Hamburg City „The Diso“ swings the can since 1998 and meets Pulp Fiction.

He doesn`t like to  talk much about his self, rather he let`s the work stand/speak for him. Our favourite word from Hamburg „schnacken“.