„Gender inequality is a sad reality within the art world, women are often underrepresented or not showcased at all at festivals and exhibitions. Sometimes you have to remind people that there are actually s**tloads of great female artists out there who simply are overlooked because they are female, so Caronline Taschler (Chinagirl Tile). „


28th July – 30th July 2023


Werksviertel Mitte, 81671 Munich


1. Your artist/crew name: crews: all names of members (artists) are needed.

2. Your contact information: name, email and phone number

3. example (works): please send us up to maximum 3 pictures that represent you

4. Social Media: Facebook, Insta. and/ or webpage

5. Medium:eEmulsion, colours ~ your materials 

6. Your country of origin and/or the country you are currently living in/traveling from: Let us know if you need help with traveling costs. Thanks

7. Accommodation: A limited number of bunk beds in shared 4 bed dorm rooms at Wombats Hostel are available between 27th July to 31rd of July. The rooms are shared with other artists from the festival. Please state your preference for mixed or female only accommodation if applying.