What`s our project about?

initiated by artcanhelp.com

In 2016 we started to paint a wall in a small romantic town called SCHEIBBS – Ščipéčje (568) – SCIBES (1160).

In the course of the last few years, Scheibbs has developed into an open art and culture region in which one can let free rein to the creative vein, – from all over the world guests in Scheibbs inspired by nature.


is one the most well known artists in Porto along Costah, Hazul.

Multidisciplinary  Portuguese artist inspires with colourful and cubist-like surface designs. Illustration, Graphic Design, Painting Sculpting, Urban Art, among others.

The young artist seeks for diversity in his work, as shown on the great range of subjects and expression media he uses. His attention to detail is the key to his inspiration which comes from is experiences and histories of people around him.