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a convenience for all people

our comprehensiv achievness is a consideration for people

(Contemporary) historical reinterpretation through graffiti and urban art

Art / graffiti impact history and time of trains often interact with each other. due vandalism, our railroads have spend thousands of euros on cleaning and maintenance every year

our train station is more than just a place for arriving and depart. its a daily meeting place. a place where you can get become teached art and culture. we see the designable concrete surface in the station area as a canvas and presentation form space that is not only aesthetically decorative. also conveys functionality and history. added value for everyone. for visitors, commuters, passengers, Austrian train company ÖBB and the city of St. Pölten. of course also for our artists as well as aspiring artists of Austrian youth culture

In addition, our activities is conveying creative art impact and a colour play for children, young people and young hearts

chances for responsibility is one of our basic requirements in life. Through workshops we try educate and teaching team building, creativity enhancement, color theory and using colors

Apart from playing with colors, distraction, processing, getting to know, reparation and debt reduction („resocialization“) are positive side effects of our educational mission

Working with children & kids can be an imaginative care

you can be creative and get education fantasy recognition, appreciation, knowledge

detect, recognize, realize, see our world. its a discovery


our most creative and imaginative/carefree minds – as an enrichment. „My philosophy of life is to help others, to make our world more colorful and to share our experiences

With us, you can get basics in art, graffiti and lettering. educaters guids trainees artist supervisor acting and trying help you

We are trying preparing a format for you and art

whats your schoolroom for future


We are change

where technology and innovation makes education and it easy for us

That’s why we trying be help



was möchten wir bewirken

Wir sind wandel, bei dem technologie und innovation uns gang für bildung leicht macht

color creative  fantasy &  art? bingo

colour and work with us

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