Gamze Yalçın

Istanbul’s street art culture has developed in our last years.
One of the few female street artists – Gamze Yalçin


She graduated at the Mimar Sinan Fine Art Universty (Istanbul, Turkey) with Interior Architecture as major subject. She discovered illustration world while working as an interior designer and became one of her bigger passions.

In 2010, she attended an international 6 months fellowship project organised by Dekeyser&Friends which was focused on supporting a local NGO to improve the quality of living of garbage dump families in the Cebu (Philippines).

Hand drawn illustrations and paintings are targeting a wide variety of supports, materials and objects. Often that is her unique personal touch to the interior design works has delivered to customers such as O Design, Adnan Serbest, La Paz Café Bar, The Marmara Bodrum Hotel, Rock’n Coke 2013, Sarman Tasarım, Maersk, All Décor, Living Store, Habitat, Adresistanbul.

Currently she works as a freelancer in interior and concept design, mural, illustration and furniture design.


Abstract art emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. It is characterized by the fact that artists increasingly move away from the representation of real figures, objects and situations in their work and make the works of art abstract.
The abstract art may be interpreted from within itself. Other designations of abstract art are non-objective art and non-objective art. Whereas representational art represents the visually perceiving outside world, abstract art refers to the inner world. Its main aim is to trigger emotions when viewed. However, these emotions do not have to be static, but must be constantly changing. Colour and form are considered the most important building blocks of abstract art. They must complement each other and be in harmony with each other.