Flix @Muralcity.at Scheibbs

The currently living Portugal street artist Flix visited Mural City Scheibbs.  Also called Rafael Fernandez, was born in 1976 and raised in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. He is famous for his distinct style of transforming objects, walls and places into strong geometrical colourful art with an evident Aztec influence.
He has been active for years as an architect but decided to start in 2003 as an artist. At the same time when the Iraq war broke out. So he decided to make a stand and produced some stickers & stencils containing messages against the Iraq conflict and others in favour of peace. Back than he created his first totem robots. As a dreamer,  observer and architect he analyses the environment and plays with urban elements and tries to transform them.
For him the urban space is the main stage in which people develop their own small stories. His career as an architect allows him to address the criteria of urban space and enjoy better handling of proportion, scale and dimensions when intervening large-scale spaces. Moreover, the intimate contact with performing arts, such as photography, painting and music activities, allows him to refine and enhance his artistic ability.
For some time we noticed a passage in the city of Scheibbs, which was quite good frequented by cyclists and pedestrians. But the passage was already neglected and by the oppressive, grey concrete protruding from all sides, cyclists had the feeling to duck the head to be able to drive through. But this was not necessary, just an optical illusion due to the concrete.
Therefore, my basic idea was to bring the wall with a street art project to shine. No sooner said than done! Concept created, community-supported us and off we went. 
On-site, we quickly realized that the motif that was intended for the wall, fit better on the floor and so we changed the plan and sprayed both with geometric patterns on, floor and wall. With the colourful patterns, the passageway now looks much freer and more open, plus it shows hope in this grey 2020s that everything will be more colourful again. Regarding his choice of colour, Flix mostly uses yellow, blue and red, the colours present on the Venezuelan flag.
The response of the people was unique, the grey place you just wanted to leave behind quickly, was now a place where people were happy to be and accepted with joy and use gang with raised head. 
The collaboration with street artist Flix was great. The project lasted 5 days and nights, rain or shine, a back-breaking job, but he bit through like I have rarely seen in anyone. He was in his element, you could feel the love for spraying and geometry, he played with the shapes and colours and positioned the elements together as he needed them. Soon he will honor us again for more projects, stay tuned! 
In the meanwhile, maybe you will find some of his works not only in Venezuela but also in other European cities such as Paris, London, Venice, Barcelona, Berlin and Dresden. If you explore some of this cities his work can be found on traffic lights, hydrants, on  concrete cylinder pipes, abandoned ships, fences, walls and façade. If we forgot something just let us know 😉
iOnArt ft. QM&A / Photo: iOnArt