British Boulevard press is hoping that graffiti artist Banksy will finally have to drop his mask in course of a trial. However, according to legal experts, the cards are rather slim.

Fact that he has still not been exposed is nothing short of a miracle. For more than twenty years, the British Boulevard press, which has few scruples and immense resources, has been hoping for a big scoop in our art world.

Identity of graffiti artist Banksy remains unknown to this day. Although the scandalous press repeatedly publishes investigative stories with speculation, no one has yet been able to offer more than circumstantial evidence – such as a photo of a middle-aged man in glasses and jeans laughing in a car park with a spray can at his feet. There is still no evidence.

Now the Daily Mail reports that Banksy is about to be unmasked. The Sun writes in the present tense that his identity will be „revealed“ in court. And the Mail publishes a photo of the supposed wife of the alleged artist. However, the furore is only based on the next legal round in a feud between Banksy and a postcard manufacturer that has been going on for years. „The likelihood of Banksy being forced to reveal himself is slim,“ writes the art market portal Artnet, „as his official name is not mentioned in the court documents.“