Our potential for our myCulture App is enormous, a global market worth 48 billion dollars and over 123,000 museums and galleries worldwide could be discovered. Our app’s unique selling can be a personalised recommendations and seamless user journey from discovery for booking and review. In addition, our myCulture covers a wide range for presentations, while other platforms only cover contemporary art

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myCulture envisions a world where art transcends boundaries, fostering openness and empathy between different cultures. We strive to create an inclusive arts sector that welcomes everyone and ensures that art is accessible to all without leaving anyone behind


Vienna, an art city and culture. With more than 100 museums, various galleries and constantly changing presentations, it’s difficult to keep up. You need time and it can be boring

it became clear that there is a huge gap between museums and potential visitors

Vera Grablechner is developing your change and solution

myCulture app



Vera Grablechner is a versatile and creative entrepreneur with an impressive career. After gaining a foothold in the media industry, she gained her first entrepreneurial experience as a business manager at the Beaver Brewing Company. She then founded a VR start-up in London and at the same time became a co-founder of the non-profit organisation Women in Immersive Technologies Europe to support women in the field of XR.

Back in Vienna, she successfully set up her own business as a digital innovation and business consultant. She is also involved as a business coach, mentor and lecturer, including at the Modul University. After years of research and with a wealth of accumulated knowledge, she turned her passion into her profession and founded myCulture GmbH in 2022.

With her extensive experience and commitment to promoting diversity, Vera Grablechner is an inspiring personality who supports companies and people alike with her creativity and expertise.


With her background as an art lover and passionate museum visitor, Vera Grablechner has recognised a problem that many Viennese share: Art lovers would like to visit various art and exhibitions, but don’t have time to get an overview and often don’t even know where to find presentations


Whats suits you?

In a world where everything can happen and where we always have our mobile phones in use, it`s obvious that our enjoyment in art is developing

Her team is developing a myCulture for mobile devices. Personalised recommendations for art presentations

Users receive an notification for  art presentaions / exhibitions and can book their museum tickets directly

There results is impressing

more than 1000 active users, activations and 13 partnerships already, they have made a start


More visibility for museums and galleries?

From MAK to MQ VIE, several renowned partners are already part

Museums and galleries benefits and advantages: The app allows you tapping into new target groups that appeal youngsters, digitally savvy and convenience-orientated adults. The app also offers a new sales channel by attracting new customers through data analysis and personalised recommendations. Re-targeting measures, with which visitors can be addressed again weeks after their visit, are also possible. Using this app requires minimal effort, as data entry is automated and it is easy and intuitive for use

Overall, the partnership with the myCulture app offers museums and galleries the opportunity to expand their reach, increase their turnover and strengthen customer loyalty, all with minimal effort