age: 6 | art documentary  : LGBTQIA+   RT: 70 Minutes


a story by Uýra Sodoma, directed By Juliana Curi.


2022 World Premiere at Frameline Film Festival, Wednesday, June 22nd @ 8:30pm, The New Parkway Theater


Uýra is an alter-ego of Emerson,

a non-binary performance artist and ecologist of indigenous origin living in Manaus, Brazil

Marginalized as an Indigenous, queer, and trans person, Uýra travels through the Amazon on a journey of self-discovery using performance art and exquisite transformations — often created from materials found in the nearby forest — to spread their message of environmental protection and promote LGTBQ+ rights. In Brazil, a country that kills the highest number of trans, indigenous, and environmentalist youth worldwide, Uýra leads a rising movement through arts and education while fostering unity and providing inspiration for the LGBTQIA+ and environmental movements. In the Amazon, Uýra visits Indigenous villages to share ancestral knowledge with the youth and bring awareness to the importance of identity and place, at a time when both are under attack from Brazil’s repressive political regime. Through dance, poetry, and visually stunning costumes and makeup, Uýra boldly confronts historical racism, transphobia, and environmental destruction. Their search for their own identity and their struggle to bring awareness to the interconnected relationship between humans and the environment — not to mention the direct link from structural racism to trans- and homophobia — lie at the heart of this poetic and eye-popping film.