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Creativity against cruelty

A better world with art : in order to get attention to our brutal and sadly prevalent ritual of female genital mutilation, we gathered artists and their works from  our world for our presentation premiere „lOTOS“ / “ lOTUS“.

In Viennese EGA in September 2018 we had an intention bringing an intercultural (ex)change for critical discourse and manner, we got attention for our live acts, dance performances, art, melodies, sound and music to make a creative stand. Half of the proceeds from „LOTUS“ were going to various institution for  education and prevention of female genital mutilation

Why lotos lotus?  whats love?

flowers for adore cherish and blossom

Our lotus lotos flowers are playing a major role in global history. Its symbolism manifested itself in roles cultures and religions. from ancient egypt or in buddhism : its rediscovery in modern yoga circles, our interpretation of  lotos ranges from rebirth and eternity, cosmic harmony, purity, adoring, cherish, blossom and beauty. a metaphoric symbol for female clitoris

our charity unites color and our abstract world art

likewise color and cruel manifastation / reality what we all could find in ourselves, a perspective and a enable view that can induce change

A lotos flower for cherish adore and blossom

What is beauty? What is perfection? whats nice? whats beauty?

Our lotos flower could be a symbol of/for imperfection, cherish, blossom, adoring, being nice, maybe love and enlightenment for ages in cultures.

We have chosen this symbol because all following reasons

Our aim is a critical way for viewing / perspective `cause in our symbol we find imperfaction is perfection in nature

our „lotos lotus“ blossom represents our delicate sexual

rebirth and preciousnesssymbol of

purity and unaffectedness

cherish, adorin, love, new beginning, seduce


(divine) birth and perfection





floras for everybody



gee gosh beneficence

„because a picture says more than words“

performing artists arrived from globe, e.g. from Spain, Burkina Faso, Chile, Austria and Sudan. our message: a language for art could be no language barrier. With help and artistic representations, artists from given countrys we approaching, trying and reaching, enlightened and sensitized audiences from our  world. Heritage and language. We are using this and trying showing a global circumstance, disaster and an effect of atrocious female genital mutilation. According our global world health institutions, 140 million girls and women worldwide are living cause your consequences female genital mutialation (FGM). Austrian women are affected. 8,000. ~ 1,900 of whom are living in Vienna

„lotus lotos“ were offered a wide range of applied and contemporary art with music, dance and performance

helping spokeswoman : institution „stopFGM“, Member of the National Council Petra Bayr, MA, MLS, chairperson municipal committee for culture and science, Mag. Sybille Straubinger, MBA, these initiatives were essential for our start and first charity happeing

„Who says, walls have to be grey?“
Quote from Gerda Mackerle (Heute.at)

Curated by: artcanhelp.com in cooperation with ionart.at

Fig. 1: „hidden flowers“ by Anis (Chile) (© iOnArt / Photo: Christian Winkler)

Artcanhelp and iOnArt tried through this art initiative and our group presentation LOTUS to make a stand. Being help and a social criticism.

Our purpose was providing art, culture and communication to support and promote social engagement.

Moderated by journalist and publicist Livia Klingl, Mmag. Corinna Geißler (UNICEF Austria) and Umyma El Jelede, Bakk.a, Fem Süd, led a discussion with  audience following our presentation

Fig. 2: Panel discussion Corinna Geissler (UNICEF Austria, Umyma El Jelede, Bakk.a, Fem Süd, moderation: Livia Klingl, journalist)

Fig. 3: Film: Jaha`s Promise
(Photo: EGA )

Femmes globales: Female Genital Mutilation – breaking the silence. Mag. Nicole Berger-Krotsch, SPÖ Viennese Women’s Secretary, introduced our opening of or finnisage.

Femmes globales with movie „Jaha`s promise“ was a contribution of our finnisage. The film represtants and is telling a story of a young woman who, has a baby, and becomes a victim of female genital mutilation. At 15, she comes to New York to marry a middle-aged man whom she doesn’t even know yet. She escapes forced marriage and eventually returns to Gambia a decade later. The movie demands change and promotes women’s rights.

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Heute.at: https://www.heute.at/Wer-sagt–dass-Mauern-grau-sein-muessen–46397897

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