Art Tour

Let’s meet, get to know each other, have a walk with us and explore a world of art


Guided by artists, graffiti writers and urban explorers

„Time its art/art its freedom“ is/was a saying (@Secession „This slogan/ maxim is/could be a basic principle of Graffiti/style writing“)

Our dawn of modernity in Vienna around 1900 also brought new forms and new expression (vissual arts and architecture)

Tagtool: visual creativity turns an iPad into an habitation and  intuitive instrument for animated art. Designing/jamming and performing at home, in studio, on stage or in public. Several users can work together. A shared visual universe, presented to use a projector or TV



Our walking tour will be 2 ~ 3 hours

you are free to pay at the end of the tour the amount you consider appropriate


Get new perspectives