call for applications

Information: public art project

Duration/ Period: Works will be created/ installed from 1 May 2023 and 30 September 2023.

Location/ Region: Veszprém-Balaton (HU)

2023 European
Capital of Culture programme

Applicants: all designers and creators

Demand/ Surface: 5 large-scale /  3 small-scale walls

V-Bus (Veszprém Bus Public Transport Company)

Thematics: Preference to projects that are related to the Creative Region (CITY:
Carrier of Memories and Desires), reflect cultural history of the theme, the social
and psychological phenomena and experiences related to it – however, thematic connection
is not an exclusive condition.

Wish: Urban Art / Streetart / Muralism /

Contemporary Art

• Format: unrestricted (ART)

Budget: The amount per work that can be applied for:
For large surfaces gross 6 000 000 HUF, for small surfaces gross 500 000 HUF, for combined
surfaces gross 5 000 000 HUF, which includes the cost of materials and additional costs.


 Jury: 7 trustees/ judges
After studying the entries received, the jury will invite the most promising designers to a one-to-one closed online consultation, where they may be asked to submit modifications or additional material. The jury will make its decision following the consultations by 23 April latest.

All applicants will be notified of the decision and the names of the winners will be published on the House of Arts Veszprém and VEB 2023 project website.

Formal requirements:
The language of the application is Hungarian or English. There are no genre or technical restrictions, and one applicant may submit more than one design.

Description. What`s happening?

„According to the well known ideas of Italo Calvino, the city is a place and a carrier of desires and memories. “ Create works of art that explore the hidden aspects of Veszprém and the historical heritage/ region of Lake Balaton.

Your themes can include culture, the city of music, historical monuments, environment, naturalism and sports.


6 x 2 m Theme: free style

GPS: 47.105413, 17.932883


Maxon Motor Hungary Ltd.’s

activities include space/flight, cycling and sustainable

A comic-style adaptation of the particular story, involving artists of different styles,
with more than 2 participants.

Discover the maxon’s world of drive technology | maxon group

38 x 2m

GPS: 47.078965, 17.919128


Veszprém, Haszkovó bus turnaround

(drivers’ rest area)

geographical identification number: 3295

Promoting public transport and everyday life in the residential area (Jutasi Road).

• 8′ feet sanitary container, external size (floor area): 1.4 x 2.4 m
• 20′ feet office container, external size (floor area): 2.435 x 6.055 m, with 1 door and 2
windows on one long side
• the two containers will be together (the shorter side of the office container and
the longer side of the sanitary container)
• total surface area: ~2,5 x 8,5 m
• height (external): 2,591 m

GPS: 47.109810378101706, 17.915567950127443



Promotion of public transport and everyday life

Housing estate (on Jutasi Road).

Stickering of 1 solo MAN Lion’s City 12C bus. The darker coloured surfaces can be stickered,
as well as the glass surfaces (the latter must be agreed to ensure the driver’s visibility).


Arena underpass access section

left: „What`s Lake Balaton for you?“ right: „What`s Bakony  to you?“

Kádárta Road

Dimensions: left: 61 x 7.5 m /  right: 63.5  x 6 m


„Does Veszprém atract you?“

17 x 5 x 39 m

Southern Ring Road accessible from Mester


Entries: 9 April 2023
✓ Via Mail

It`s not possible to make up for any shortcomings in the content of the application.
Submitted entries will not be returned to the applicants

Format: PDF

Language of the application: English

Participants‘ profile

✓ all artists

✓ portfolio/ CV / draft / sketch

✓ biography (contact details, name of contact person, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number)

✓A4 motivation text

✓ concept:  2000-4000 characters/ marks

✓three examples with description

✓ Technical specification: precise sizes, indication of use of materials and
technology, structural design (if necessary), characteristics

✓ computer animation, drawing, model, photos and/ or visual design

✓please note that submissions that do not include a photo or video of previous works can not be considered

✓ if your budget is higher than allocated ~ certifying the availability of additional funds and a declaration of commitment must be attached.

✓  a condition of validity: the digital copy of the application must be signed by the

a short biography of the artist, three examples of previous works with description, max. A4 motivation text; please note that submissions that do not include a photo or video of previous works cannot be considered

Fee/ Payment:
The usage fee is paid twice (Invoice in two instalments). The first instalment (80% of the
total fee) is paid after the contract is signed and the second instalment (20% of the total fee)
is paid after the presentation of your complete work.


Terms and conditions: Artist(s) must be aware of the specificities of the genre, the need to take into account the impact of the audience and the weather conditions. By submitting an application. Applicants acknowledges that the Promoter accepts no responsibility for any damage to or destruction of work. Necessary costs for dismanting, installating and realisation of your works will be covered. Artist(s) must undertake to ensure the safe storage of the work. Additional permissions are required for display and/ or placement of work in public space, ~ in addition to provision of the location, the promoter will provide assistance in obtaining these permissions.

After winning the competition your creation of work requires detailed structural design, you (applicant) have to prepare all necessary to complete your work.  If your creation of work involves alteration of the site or environment in which it is to be realised, you (applicant) have to restore the work to its original state after use. The Promoters are reserving rights, on basis of the proposal „of Board of Trustees“, to accept the applicant’s budget only with modifications and to request a correction for second „round“/ term of call proposals.

Liability will not be assumed

All without warranty


Theme: cycle of images showing significant moments in history of cinema and art.

10 x 10 m

GPS: 47.09528, 17.90525

Contract of use

„The House of Arts“ Veszprém concludes a usage contract with the owners of the copyrights of
the winning designs, and pays the amount won as a usage fee for the public display of the

copyright~ use of rights

Applicants retain a copyright to their work.

However, by submitting a application, you (applicant) agrees that the documentation and reproductions of the application and the works
carried out may be used by the project promoter for an unlimited period of time in printed and/or electronic form, with the applicant’s name being indicated, in order to ensure the publicity of the project.


Do you have regards and questions, do not  hesitate and fell free to contact us? 


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