iOnArt – Team member – Laurice Nasr
Laurice – Photo: Karl Hermann Schönswetter


Head of

Social Media Manager

  • 25.05.1984
  • Vienna

About me

“Nerd? Bunte Ideen?  Kreativ & Kunst interessiert? BINGO! Kann los gehen …


  • Social Media Manger – Freelancer


2019 Social Media Designer & CMS Editor
2018  Online Marketing
2017 creative photography
2004 – 2006  Grafik & Design
1999 – 2003 Glas & Design

Experiences / Achievements

2014 – 2020 Flaegship
2014 – 2020 Store Managerin
2011 – 2014 graphic designer Büro Ungerank advertising agency
2006 – 2011 Event-Bar Managerin


#graphic designer #glass designer #social media designer #creative photographer #visual storyteller

My name is Laurice, I was born in Togo, went via Lebanon to Tyrol and arrived years ago in urban Vienna.
Need constant movement, whether in the head or in the feet – “If you don’t go forward you go backward” – Max Frisch.

I like to walk through the streets and get lost in the details that you encounter everywhere, whether it is the sticker on the street lamp that arouses curiosity or the beautiful stucco that decorates the “above you” like stars or the tagg that has not been finished…why? What could have prevented its creator from doing so?

To be creative with colours, shapes or people gives me pleasure to create a complete work together, no matter if digital or analogue. Ideas without end…

With words I see pictures and with pictures words.

To exchange and network with other users*, artists* and ART enthusiasts on IOnArt, as well as to build up exciting communications is the goal of my social media work here. Interest aroused? Then follow us on Facebook and Instagram and let’s be CREATIVE together!