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Jerson Jimenez

Jerson Jimenez, born 1970 in the Dominican Republic, started painting in 1981. In 1987 he had his first exhibition. He learned technical and artistic drawing at the HTL, later at various artists [...]


The young Viennese artist Moiz studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. For about two years he has been working with calligraphy and typography. His minimalist style is characterized by forms [...]


In the summer of 2017, street artist and illustrator Anis came to Vienna to paint an area at the Gürtelbogen in Alsergrund, next to the art and culture center Das Werk. She used her mural to set [...]


Mehsos is a Belgian based street artist with deep roots in the graffiti scene. A few years ago, he started his search for new ways to expressing himself with Spraycans and started what he calls [...]


The visual artist from Santa Ana, El Salvador, studied at the Centro Nacional de Artes. About five years ago, he started with graffiti and then started focusing more and more on street art and [...]


The Australian artist Anthony Lister was in Vienna for the first time in 2016 and took our city into his heart. He left us a gift. In collaboration with, MuseumsQuartier Wien and Jan [...]


Handcrafted: Honest craftsmanship ensures true quality. ÜNIQUE SKI hand pick all the materials to make sure only the best are used. All skis have a sandwich construction and are using an extended [...]

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4 days ago


Corpus Skirl” (soloshow) - 20th of December at #luminagalerie!
SKIRL also guide a secret “line-workshop & livepainting” with all his techniques. Try your own line-masterpiece! If you’re interested in a workshop send him a message or a mail at .

Corpus SkirlMittwoch 20. Dezember 2017Lindengasse 65, 1070 Wien, ÖsterreichSkirl is a funny and also very strange person from Vienna.
There is a good chance you have seen one of his grainy monochrome works somewhere in our town already.
He comes from graffiti but graffiti tries to kill him and his vibes in the meanwhile. Things have changed....

Corpus Skirl is his first ever soloshow displaying unseen older and a big range of brandnew works (probably still painting right now)

He will also guide a secret "Pre-Opening" (19. 12 2017)
and the very first "Line Workshop + Livepainting"(22.12.2017) where he is going to show all his techniques and lead you to produce your very own line-masterpiece ....
If you are interested send an email at

Show is curated by Oxymoron but will take place at Lumina-Galerie - Lindengasse 65, 1070 Wien
See you there
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Corpus Skirl

1 week ago


Wonderful NEW Video by Deadbeat Hero Art! Have a look 👀

Deadbeat Hero Art
See the full video here:
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Deadbeat Hero Art

2 weeks ago


Ein Blick nach Wien zeigt Frau Isa, BOICUT und Pattherat.
Bekomm einen kleinen Einblick von Ihrem Leben und Wirken.
Einfach Sympathisch die Drei! (ONLY GERMAN)
» MORE: Kunstszene in Wien ist ausgesprochen vielseitig, junge KünstlerInnen entwickeln sich in viele Richtungen. BOICUT, Frau Isa und Pattherat gleichen sich au...
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2 weeks ago


Doodle your life

Mr Doodle
50 Hour Doodle Marathon Documentary
In collaboration with Moosey Art
Filmed by Joseph Harrington
Music by Hyphen
For The Teapot Trust
Filmed at We Built This Cityl
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Mr Doodle

3 weeks ago


The search of "happiness" by Steve Cutts
What makes you happy?
MORE: www.stevecutts.comThe story of a rodent's unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment.
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3 weeks ago


Get inspired 😉
👀 on KAWSKAWS went from a skater kid doing graffiti around New York City to illustrating the beloved animated series Doug to creating instantly recognizable pop art t...
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3 weeks ago


Are you in mood for a special art experience? Art meets Augmented reality. Discover the smallest art exhibition in Vienna at Improper Walls. Enjoy!

◆ tiny ARt exhibition ◆Mittwoch 22. November 2017Improper Walls◆bring ARt to life <--> and life to ARt◆

Improper Walls and Artivive App want to showcase art in augmented reality (AR) with a tiny AR exhibition. Artivive is an easy to use tool for artists to create art in AR, with the simple goal of encouraging people to get out and experience art first hand in a new and interactive way.

The upcoming "tiny ARt" exhibition on Nov 22nd & 23rd at Improper Walls will feature a range of artworks that in real life are no bigger than a business card. The augmented reality layer will enhance the artworks in the digital dimension to reveal what art in AR has to offer.

>>> Vernissage <<<

Wed Nov 22nd @ 6pm

Oh heck yes! There will be a live bass performance by @[1860623030633937:274:Bernd Ammann] with visuals from Ulrich Frey!

Download the Artivive app to your smartphone and bring your headphones! You will need it to participate AND you won't be the slightest bit sorry you's magical 🔮

Artists featured:

Bambi Paun
Charles Clapshaw
Deadbeat Hero
Dmitri Șibaev
Doris Dittrich
Eugenia Levkova
Fausto Montanari
Gill Bommelaere (Gill 360)
Kurt Campbell
Laurent Bompard
Lena Vargas Afanasieva
Litto (Daniela Weiss)
Liubov Kalashnikova, Kurbatova Elena & Compressed Immersion
Markus C. Ender | emc.quadrat
Miluta Flueras
Shachar Zadik & Jenny Meilihove
Simon Goritschnig
Teresa Romano & Marco Testini
Ulrich Frey
Virginia Mori
Visual Stamina
Yunuen Esparza

@[638754502:2048:Chris Ramos] on camera


Previous Artivive projects:

Artivive on social media:

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◆ tiny ARt exhibition ◆
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